Where Have All The Incandescents Gone?

    Have you noticed when going to your local retailer to replace your burned out light bulbs there are more compact fluorescents (CFL) to choose from and less of the old incandescent bulbs?

    This is a good thing. Did you know that 18%-20% of our energy costs are spent on lighting, and compact fluorescents last 10 times longer and use one-fourth of the energy of the old incandescent bulbs?

    But if you hadn’t already come to the conclusion that CFL bulbs were more cost effective in the long run, the powers that be are going to make sure we become more energy efficient by passing the 2007 Energy Independence Security Act.

    The Energy Independence Security Act gradually phases out incandescent bulbs beginning this past January 2012 by phasing out 100 watt bulbs, 2013 75 watt bulbs and by 2014, 40 and 60 watt bulbs. The act does not cover specialty-type bulbs.

    With this reduction in use of incandescent bulbs, it is projected that by 2020, the U.S. will have saved 12.5 billion dollars and we will have reduced the need for thirty three power plants.

    There is a great recycling site that will give you drop off locations near your home for recycling these bulbs. It is www.earth911.com There is also a light bulb finder app for Android and iPhone that helps you switch out your bulbs with the right fit, style and light quality.

    As an individual, if you switch out 32 bulbs you will see a savings of $110 annually and you will have reduced CO2 emissions the equivalent of driving 1100 miles. Maybe not a lot of money by itself, but when you combine that with the other energy efficient features in your home, it adds up to more money in your pocket and an easy way to to make your home a Gainesville green home.

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