Unique Gifts for your Holiday Host

    Written by: Stacey Aasved

    The time is upon us when everyone begins getting in the holiday spirit. They pull out their decorations, untangle strings of lights and begin planning their holiday soirée. For many this is a magical and enchanting time of year, and for others it brings the stress of how to thank their holiday host.

    To help lower your stress levels this holiday season we have compiled a few unique gift ideas for a variety of holiday hosts.

    I Barely Know the Host:

    Sometimes we are invited to parties where we do not know the host, maybe you were invited by a friend. That can make it hard to decide how to thank the host for having you at their party. In this case I would recommend something that is fun, but useful. A set of funny cocktail napkins paired with a wine stopper might be an appropriate gift for someone you don’t know. It may be a good idea to check with the person that invited you to see if the host drinks wine before going this route. Funny cocktail napkins can be found locally, the one above was found online at www.floridakeysstore.net

    Neighbor Host:

    If you and your neighbor are close this may be a breeze, but sometimes you aren’t so close which can be more difficult. Recently I found
    these great kitchen towels that come in different countries, states, cities, and even in a beer, wine, tea or coffee versions. Find your neighbors hometown, favorite vacation spot or beverage for a unique, but useful gift. I found these online at www.uncommongoods.com.

    My Boss is the Host:

    Office parties are generally a lot of fun, but they are costly and require a great deal of planning. Although the office that plans a party for its
    staff does not do it to get anything in return, it is always nice to feel appreciated. The gift for this occasion will depend on the type of office
    you work for. Some offices aren’t as laid-back as others, so plan accordingly.

    The obvious bottle of wine is usually appreciated by most, but if you are looking for something a little less obvious consider something monogrammed with your boss’s initials, name or company name for a special touch, like this acacia wood tray from www.markandgraham.com.

    My Customer is the Host:

    Often times if you are in business for yourself you may get invited to one of your customers’ or vendors’ holiday shindigs. For this party you don’t want to be too personal, or overly generic. In this situation I would go with something local. Think about things you may find at the Farmers Market, such as local honey (which never goes bad), hand made soaps, sauces, homemade candles, and even handmade accessories.

    Additionally, think about things that you may find in a local art gallery, like the Artisan’s Guild Gallery in Gainesville. Many of the items are one of a kind and are generally very useful. You can find hand-carved cheese spreaders, wooden bowls, ceramics, wallets and more.


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