The Importance of an Open House

    Many sellers ask if having an open house is important to selling a home. While it’s not the most vital component, it certainly gives you the opportunity for more visibility. Having your Realtor® host an open house is all about the exposure it’s going to receive. When a potential buyer walks in the front door of your home, it’s already passed some litmus test in terms of location, price and features. The open house is attracting a captive audience with real buyers coming directly to you with one purpose is mind, finding the home that is right for them.

    First and foremost, an open house contributes to the visibility of the home, especially when customers are not with their Realtor®. The more visits a house gets, the faster it is going to sell. According to the NAR 2013 Profile of Home Buyers, driving through neighborhoods is one of the top buyer activities, and if the house is open, they will stop and take a look. I’m a perfect example of that statistic. We sold our house and needed to find our new home quickly. As we were driving through our favorite neighborhood, we saw an open house sign. I knew the home was out of our price range due to seeing it online but thought, “Why not go in and take a peek?” From that open house I learned that the price was a lot more negotiable than I had thought and we ended up buying that very home. My favorite part of the whole situation is that I didn’t even need my agent to be with me. I did however, be upfront and let the hosting Realtor® know that I was already working with a Real Estate Professional. Had that home not been having an open house, we never would’ve “wasted” our Realtors® time asking to see a home we couldn’t afford.

    Another type of exposure your home may receive is during tour. I can’t promise you that all companies offer this perk, but once a week Bosshardt Realty holds a tour for its Realtor’s of any new homes that have been placed on the market. It gives the Realtor an opportunity to see if any of the week’s new listings may fit the bill for their current customers.

    Another advantage to hosting an open house is how your home will appear in an Internet search. Many websites list homes with open houses first. So any time a potential buyer is searching for a home, the one with a scheduled open house will appear on top rather than buried in 100’s of home listings.

    Open houses do not need to be an all day affair. Two to three hours is more than enough time to host a great open house. The benefit to a short one is the sense of urgency it can create. If you have multiple groups in at one time, one is thinking they need to be the first to make an offer before the opportunity is lost. If the open house has a steady flow of traffic then your Realtor can always keep it open longer.
    Without a doubt, the most important aspect of selling a house is visibility and an open house is a critical component of the sales strategy. It offers low-risk with high rewards. If you’ve been on the fence about listing your home, now is a great opportunity to do so. On February 22nd, Bosshardt Realty is hosting Gainesville’s largest open house event, the Bosshardt Blitz.

    If you’re looking to get the maximum amount of exposure for your home in the shortest amount of time, be sure not to miss the Blitz. The Blitz is advertised on local television, radio & newspaper and you’ll receive all marketing materials including flyers and brochures. At the conclusion of the Blitz, your Realtor® will provide customer feedback and hopefully an offer on your home.

    For more information, visit Bosshardt Blitz As we get closer to the date, an interactive map with all the homes will be included.

    To list your home and have it included in February’s Bosshardt Blitz, Gainesville’s largest open house event, please call Bosshardt Realty Services, LLC at (352) 371-6100.

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