The Importance of a Home Inspection on New Construction

    We often receive the question from buyers whether we think they need to have a home inspection. Our answer is always yes, whether it’s new construction or an older home, it’s always encouraged to have a home inspection completed. After all, this is probably your most expensive investment and you should be aware of what lies beneath the surface. Many wonder why a home inspection is needed on a brand new home and the reasons are plentiful.

    Although most homes come with a one-year builder warranty, it does not mean everything was done correctly throughout construction or that problems won’t arise after the one-year is up. Builders hire many tradesman known as  subcontractors to handle various parts of the construction process. From the pour of the slab, to the framer, electrician and beyond, there is always room for minor errors even with a series of code inspections completed throughout the construction process. Each subcontractor is working on a different area of the house, usually without regard to the other. With all the individual activities occurring at the same time, it is nearly impossible for the builder to carefully monitor all phases of construction. Even the very best builders will likely miss something. This is why hiring a qualified, licensed home inspector is crucial to protecting your investment.

    Examples of Problems that can be Found in New Homes

    Broken roof trusses
    Improperly placed roof shingles allowing water to penetrate underneath the shingles
    Missing siding
    Mold growing on wood framing from too much moisture
    Missing insulation in homes being sold as Energy Star energy-efficient homes
    Poor drainage around the foundation forcing water to flow beneath the foundation which will cause the slab to eventually crack
    Ducts not attached to the heating and air conditioning unit
    The hot & cold water lines reversed on sinks and showers
    The dryer not being properly vented outside of the home
    New appliances not functioning properly

    The benefits of hiring a home inspector prior to taking possession of your new home can provide you with the confidence that problems will be identified and corrected before you own it saving you a tremendous amount of money and also give you piece of mind for years to come. Any found deficiencies can be taken care of by the builder prior to moving in relieving the stress and inconvenience of having to stay home from work while workers are in your house. For assistance on finding the right home inspector for you, please see Tips on Hiring a Reputable Home Inspector.

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