The Adventures of Adding an In Ground Pool

    Have you ever contemplated having an in ground pool & spa added to your backyard? That’s exactly what my husband and I have decided to do thinking of the fun the kids would have and the convenience of not having to pack everything up every time we’d like to go for a quick swim in the neighborhood pool. (The real story is, my husband wanted a hot tub and knew I wouldn’t allow one on the lanai so it morphed in to getting a screened in pool and hot tub with a waterfall trickling into the pool, but I digress.) What we didn’t think about is all the decisions we would have to make prior to having this built-in fun in our backyard.

    Excited to begin the process, the first decision we’ve had to make is what type of pool we wanted. Simple enough, right? Not so much. Our choices were a traditional square or kidney shaped pool, or a free-form pool which can be made in to any shape we’d like. Of course I can’t be simple and go with a square or a traditional kidney, I have to dream up a design and make it challenging for my fantastic pool designer. So, after two to three hours of playing around on his CAD system, we finally had a design. He eventually named our pool design, the “pregnant peanut” due to the odd shape I had created.

    After taking the weekend to think about what I had done and the fact that he had thought it was strange enough he could name it, I decided we should defer to his experience and make changes accordingly. After all, I didn’t want a permanent fixture in my backyard that my husband could always remind me is my fault every time we are sitting in the kitchen, family room, living room or master bedroom. So, with a few adjustments the following week, we had our new free-form design and are ready to deal with permitting process.

    While waiting for the permit from the city, I received an email from my pool designer asking us to make our paver, travertine, tile, pool surface, and stone selections. I thought the pool shape was difficult, now we have to make critical aesthetic decisions and make things match. Have I mentioned I’m color blind? Let the fun begin!

    Adventures of Adding an Inground Pool

    After weeks of bringing home paver after paver from one company, I kindly invite our pool designer over for his opinion because I’m just not satisfied with the selections. Surprisingly, he agreed and sent me to another company and I easily made “our” decision in less than an hour. My husband hasn’t seen it yet, but I’m sure he’ll be thrilled. After all, he didn’t have to tag along with me and I didn’t have to pretend like his opinion mattered, it’s a win-win for all!

    With the paver decided it’s time to move on to pool tile and travertine coping selections. As it stands now, we have about 15 pool tiles sitting on our lanai. Is it really possible to not love any of them? We have additional samples on order and are confident that the winning tile will be arriving with the next set of samples. Next, choosing the travertine coping was a much easier task. I saw a sample and loved it on the spot! The downside, I’ve been told I picked the premium travertine. Who knew travertine had three levels? I’m either going back to the drawing board and making a new selection or going in to negotiations with my husband.

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