Thank You Everyone

    We want to thank everyone who participated in our Customer Appreciation Pumpkin Patch this year. This was not only the largest turnout we have had, but also the most organized. Yes we ran out of things like snow cones and water, even though we purchased more than last year, but it just proves we had such an amazing turnout!! We have so many thank yous to mention! Thank you for all those to set up, you were truly the “dream team”. We got those pumpkins out just as fast as they came off the truck.
    Also, thanks to everyone for keeping an eye on the trash throughout the night, and stepping in to cook hot dogs, pour beer, fill drink buckets, or whatever needed to be done.
    Another thank you to Bosshardt Property Management for hosting a pumpkin pie station, and Bosshardt Title for the addition of a photo booth this year, and First Federal Bank of Florida for the kids area with the adorable mini aprons, and for helping with the snow cones, popcorn, and cotton candy machines. You were a big hit!
    Thank you to all the staff and Realtors who made the night more interesting with your costumes. The customers loved it, and we saw many photos being taken with them!
    A big thank you must go to all our Realtors! Without your professionalism and care for your customers this could not have been so successful. We saw so many smiles beaming from your customers faces, knowing this party is for them!
    At the end of the night we had a different dream team helping with all the clean up, unfortunately I don’t have pictures of them, but you are really the shining stars! It included the maintenance guys again (thank you so much for returning) and Danielle Stephens, Cindy Harrington, Matthew Chapman, Mike Stanton and Stacey Aasved. I hope I haven’t missed anyone.
    The very BIGGEST thank you goes to our customers! Thank you for trusting us to be your real estate advisors. Thank you for being lifelong customers. Thank you for telling your friends about us. Thank you for coming so we could celebrate you!
    Last big thank you goes to UF Mover Guys, we could not make this happen without their help! We are forever grateful that you believe in our customers as much as we do. That you share the same values we do for our community as in business.
    Look for more pictures on the Bosshardt Facebook page!
    Thanks again to our customers for trusting in us. To all our Realtors®, staff, FFBF, managers, lawyers, closing agents, maintenance technicians etc. from every one of our family of companies for coming together for such a great event. See you next year!

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