Selling your home eventually? Plan ahead.

    If you’re considering selling your home some time in the near or not-so-near future, consider remodeling projects that will give you a good return on your investment, such as the kitchen, bathrooms, outdoor decks, siding and window replacements. Check out this article on Apartment Therapy for suggested budgets and return percentages.

    Home color is also something to keep in mind when you’re preparing your home to be sold. There’s always the potential that buyers will have strong positive or negative reactions to bold colors in rooms. Some colors can make your spaces look smaller. Most buyers will repaint the walls regardless of what color they are, so some people believe painting everything in a hue of white will help a prospective buyer to see the walls as a blank canvas. If you don’t want to remove all color from your space, go with neutral colors with sophistication. Try rich, mid-tone neutrals like a grey/beige color or a warm tan or brown.

    The same goes for murals, especially in children’s rooms. Some suggest painting over them before showing your home because a mural can just represent another large project to tackle for buyers. Others think they help to showcase the potential of a space. At the end of the day, consider your market and make a decision you think will appeal to the largest group of buyers.

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