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    So, you’re on limited time. You’ve just left a meeting, have to run an errand and have only 20 minutes to grab a quick bite to eat before you need to race back to work or to pick up the kids. No problem, right? Wrong! You’re Gluten-Free which means your choices are limited to say the least. I recently read an article in Good Housekeeping and wanted to share some of the Gluten-Free highlights to ease the burden of finding delicious, healthy options for my on-the-go friends.



    Glutino – Gluten Free Premium Sesame Bagels

    New York Style Sesame Bagels

    Available at: The Fresh Market

    Banana Chocolate Chip_FRONT

    Garden Lites, Banana Chocolate Chip

    With 20% of your Daily Value for Fiber, one of GH panelist said, “They’re too good to be healthy!” (120 calories per muffin)

    Available at: D’Lites Emporium, Publix, Target, The Fresh Market, Walmart, Winn Dixie



    Artisan Bistro Beyond Breakfast Huevos Rancheros Verde

    Spicy green sauce adds kick to black beans, egg wites and veggies. Full of protein; lower in saturated fat than most egg dishes (200 calories)


    Artisan Bistro Breakfas628x363Artisan Bistro Italian Style Hash and Egg

    Designated by GH panelists as “Most Filling.” Egg whites, peppers beans, asparagus and ground turkey. Higher protein content makes it heartier than more caloric offerings. (200 calories)

    Although these can’t be found locally, they can be found at Target in Orange Park and Jacksonville or online at bit.ly/1Cm33GT.


    Amy’s Gluten-Free Tofu Scramble Breakfast Wrap
    Before you make a face and think to yourself, “who eats this stuff?” this breakfast wrap was designated by GH panelists as “Most Surprising.” They said this “delicious” veggie-loaded wrap reminded them of “Asian-inspired” fare. (300 calories)

    Available at: Fresh Market, Lucky’s, Walmart, Wards, Winn Dixie


    Siggi’s Vanilla Yogurt
    I am excited about this one in particular. How many times I’ve tried to find a yogurt without the sugar and high carbs and my choice is limited to plain yogurt. Siggi’s has less than 9 g of sugar per serving and it’s vanilla! This Icelandic skyr (similar to Greek yogurt) has a smooth, creamy vanilla taste.

    Available at: Wards


    Chobani Kids 2-0z Strawberry Greek Yogurt Tubes

    Voted “Best for Multitaskers” thanks to its convenient packaging, this sweet-but-not-sugary yogurt can be thrown in your purse and eaten anywhere without a mess. (50 calories per tube)

    Available at: Publix, Walmart


    Fage Total 0% Greek Yogurt

    “Best Power Meal” it has over 18 g of protein and it’s low in calories.  Due to its thick, creamy texture, this everyday basic can be used to replace higher-calorie foods, such as cream, mayonnaise, crème fraiche and sour cream. (100 calories per 6-oz)

    Available at: Earth Origins Market, Publix, Target, The Fresh Market, Walmart

    If you happen to have a little more time to spare and are looking for a good Gluten-Free meal in Gainesville, the following restaurants have a Gluten-Free menu/menu items.

    • BJ’s
    • Blue Highway
    • Bonefish
    • D’Lites
    • Dominos Pizza
    • Harvest Thyme Cafe
    • Jason’s Deli
    • Larry’s Giant Subs
    • Lucky’s Market
    • Outback
    • Piesano’s

    For the complete Good Housekeeping Article, visit “Best of the Test No-Cook Healthy Breakfasts” 

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