Out with the Old, In with the New: Design Trends in 2015

    If you’re building, remodeling, simply redecorating a couple of rooms in your house or staging your home to be placed on the market, there are a few things you may want to keep in mind before you begin your transformation. Are you changing an element that is outdated or is it still appealing to a wide variety? Will your new design add value or make it look outdated before it’s time? Here are 5 trends to steer clear of this year and how to fix them.

    Kitchen Office Space

    Many homes I have toured whether in the $200,000 price range or the $700,000 range have a common element, a desk in the kitchen. Many homes were built with this feature as a place for their phone, cookbooks and to pay the bills. With most people eliminating landlines and using tablets for their recipes, the need no longer exists. Utilize the space with additional countertops and additional underneath cabinet storage.

    Chevron Print

    Everyone went crazy in 2014 over the chevron print. According to the 2015 Zillow Digs Home Trend Forecast, chevron was “one of the most overused trends of 2014.” Not to worry, unless you used wallpaper, it’s an easy look to update in a pinch. Eliminate the area rugs and throw pillows and replace with solid-colored, textured fabrics suggests Kerrie Kelly, a California-based interior designer, founder of the Kerrie Kelly Design Lab. The cost of replacing these decorations is minimal and will quickly transform a room.

    Huge Jetted Bathtubs

    If you’re in the early stages of designing your dream home, reconsider the jetted bathtub. Once considered the “must-have” element in your master suite, people are now eliminating them due to the amount of water they require and the amount of space they use. Instead, replace it with a standard tub, an oversized shower, his and her vanity with drawers or an additional linen closet. Who doesn’t need an extra storage?

    Naked Windows

    You either love ‘em or hate ‘em, but windows need some type of treatment. Many have tried the trendy bare “loft” look and it just doesn’t work with most spaces. I’m sure many remember the 80’s with three layers of heavy window treatments and that is not the look you should be going for. Instead, try simple, sheer, light panels or at a minimum shades. They still provide the minimalist look while still being functional and adding warmth to the space.

    Brass Hardware

    When we moved into our new home which was built in the mid 90’s, brass hardware was everywhere from the light fixtures to the doorknobs. All of it had to go and it was one of the first of many upgrades we did to the home. New fixtures took our home right out of the 90’s to the contemporary look I desired at minimal cost. This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to update your space. Try going with brushed or satin nickel hardware. You will be amazed how quickly your home transforms from old and outdated to new and sophisticated.

    *Photo Courtesy: Placesinthehome.com

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