Open Houses DO Work: List for the Blitz

    Written by:
    Aaron Bosshardt & Michelle Schibuola

    Spring has sprung and with all the new beautiful floral growth and fresh landscaping there is no better time for our second blitz of the year! The Bosshardt Blitz, Alachua County’s largest open house event will be held April 26th from 12 – 4:30 pm. It’s not too late to join in on the fun if you’ve been considering listing your home on the market. Take advantage of having an abundance of active buyers tour your home all in one day with great potential for a contract.

    Open houses do work! When listing your home it is imperative you find a Realtor that is not only willing to do an open house but to market the event as well. Our last blitz event held in February had 60 open homes during the event and produced at least six contracts.

    Bosshardt Realtor Terry Lehman said, “I held an open house on the Saturday before Christmas. To be honest, I figured I wouldn’t get much of a turnout so close to the holiday. As it turned out, I had six couples come through and I ended up selling the home.”

    2014 residential top Producer Perry McDonald says, “Going the extra mile, by doing open houses, helps me create as much showing activity as possible for my customers and has been one of the cornerstones to my success for over a decade.”

    “Our research shows our open houses blitzes are twice as effective as the national average. Most of this is a combination of putting great realtors in Gainesville’s best homes and supporting it with multi media marketing,” says Aaron Bosshardt, President of Bosshardt Realty Services, LLC.

    This is really a great and last opportunity for sellers to get their home on the market in front of the season.

    Open houses aren’t hard, they just require planning and work. Here is what you should expect from your Realtor as well as a few tips to prepare your home for an open house event:

    Advertise your open house. Ideally you should advertise both the weekend before and the weekend of the open house. Check with the local paper to see when their ad closing deadlines are. Twitter and Facebook have also low cost effective options that you can target. Consider running a Google ad word campaign as well.

    • Create a property summary sheet. This sheet gives prospective buyers an overview of your home. Include dimensions for each room, copies of a property survey, summaries of utility costs and property taxes, and a list of when capital items such as roofs and furnace were added.

    • Develop a sign-in form for prospects’ addresses. You’ll ideally want both phone numbers and e-mail addresses to follow up with prospective buyers.

    • Put up signs. One or two days before the open house, place directional signs at major intersections within three to four blocks of your house. Be sure you check on anti-sign regulations in your area. The city of Gainesville has weekend patrols so don’t put signs in their property or the right of ways, but in the county you just need to remember to pick your directional signs up after you close.

    • Get your house ready. Remove clutter, clean your house, wash your windows, add flowers, turn on lights, open draperies and blinds, remove valuables and breakables, confine pets, turn on soft music, and set up a table for your property fact sheet near the entrance.

    • Develop a follow-up sheet. Getting feedback on your home from prospects who attended your open house will give you a better understanding of how to make your home more appealing to buyers.

    Call Bosshardt Realty Services, LLC at (352) 371-6100 to be apart of the second Bosshardt Blitz Event of the year on April 26th from 12-4:30 pm.

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