New Downtown: The Hyppo Gourmet Ice Pops!

    I have 40 unique, healthy reasons to indulge this weekend; it’s the Grand Opening of The Hyppo Gourmet Ice Pop Shop and they feature 40 fresh, all-natural homemade flavored ice pops daily. The Drotos Ryals Group of Bosshardt Realty is excited to announce a new healthy alternative to desserts in downtown Gainesville.

    Located conveniently underneath the Hampton Inn, across the street from Dragonfly, The Hyppo opened this week and seeks to provide customers with authentic and uncommon culinary experiences.

    Owner Stephen DiMare, a University of Florida graduate, is excited to bring his St. Augustine based popsicle shop to the Gainesville scene. With a wide variety of flavors that will change every couple of weeks, there will also be seasonal flavors ranging from Pumpkin Cheesecake to Cranberry Habanero.

    While I enjoy my sweets, I’m also a mom and prefer to give my children nutritious, delectable treats. For only $3.50, these all-natural ice pops are blended fresh, with as much “organic and local-when-we-can-get-it Florida produce,” perfectly paired and flash frozen into the best Gourmet Ice Pops you’ve ever tasted and my kids love them! Strawberries are in season so why not try Strawberry Basil? If you’re more adventurous try Mexican HOT Chocolate, Pineapple Cilantro or Cantalouple Black Pepper. All ingredients are non-GMO and all dairy is rBST free. The idea behind these mouth-watering popsicles was simple-fresh fruit, cane sugar and whatever interesting things might go along with those,” said DiMare.

    DiMare’s gourmet pops are so delicious they’ve been mentioned as places not to miss on, Travel+Leisure and USA Today’s Travel “10 Best.” 10 Best provides its users with original, unbiased, and experiential travel content on top attractions, things to do, and restaurants for top destinations in the US and around the world.

    If you’re in the St. Augustine area, plan on stopping by the Hyppo Café for lunch. A shop in midtown St. Augustine that brings the life and vibrancy of fresh foods to the genres of sandwiches, confections, and coffee, you won’t be disappointed. The Hyppo continues to delight customers with inventive combinations afforded by simple ingredients.

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    • Brent Smith

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      Great article but one correction. Are pops are not made from organic fruit but “all-natural” fruit. So no-GMOs. The fruit is fresh and local when possible but is not certified organic.


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