My New Year’s Resolution: Reduce My Smartphone Usage

    The New Year is creeping up and many are thinking about their New Year’s Resolution. Do you make resolutions…and keep them? I’m not one that typically does, nor do I even give it a second thought. However, this year I’m considering one I think many could benefit from. It’s as simple as reducing the amount of time I spend on my iPhone. It seems as though it should be a simple task to achieve but everyday life revolves around that little 3×5 box that is always ringing, chirping and notifying me that I’m needed.

    I’ll admit it, I check my phone compulsively. Upon waking up, making breakfast, while sitting at a light and even while I’m waiting in the car drop off line at my daughters school. It’s just a habit; I’m usually tapping away on the screen before I’m even aware of it. Am I addicted? Possibly.

    I’ve decided to make my goal more attainable by setting realistic goals for myself. Of course after I thought of a few ways to reduce the amount of time I spend on it, I went to Google for some additional help. I started my search with “using smart phone less New Year’s resolutions” hoping to find additional ideas aside from the usual not using it at the dinner table and instead I found “ 4 ways to use your smartphone to keep your new year’s resolution” and “14 apps to keep you resolutions.” Therein lies the problem. They’re so convenient; they can even HELP you keep your resolutions!

    I don’t think my Smartphone is necessarily bad, but it’s a device that is supposed to enable easy communication. So why is it that I find myself communicating less? Like most, I’m wasting time on Facebook, Twitter, Words with Friends and constantly checking my email. None of which is all that important. So, I’m going to put down my phone and pay more attention to my surroundings and the people around me by doing the following:

    1. I’m not going to send a text to someone sitting in the next room…or the same room. Yes, if my husband is upstairs, I have in the past sent him a text to ask a question. I know, the epitome of lazy.

    2. Turn my phone off while at the dinner table. For the most part, I’m not too bad about this, but that should just be common courtesy. I was raised with manners; however, we didn’t have smartphones in the 80’s.

    3. I’m going to walk, wherever I’m walking, without staring at, using, or listening to my phone. That includes killing time while sitting in traffic or at a red light. No more iPhone for entertainment.

    4. I’m going to text less and communicate more. Smart phones make it too easy to isolate yourself from others.

    5. I’m going to eliminate push-notifications. Is anything really that important I need a tone to alert me right away?

    What do you do to reduce the amount of time you spend on your Smartphone? Will you be making a New Year’s resolution this year? Please share below.

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