Living the American Dream

    Written by: Bruce Rider

    I love being a commercial real estate agent because I love the American Dream. I don’t just love the idea or the concept of the American Dream; I love that I get to work with those who are actively chasing that dream.

    Saporito OVS

    Recently I helped Keith and Katrine secure a lease for a store front where they have opened Saporito OVS, their specialty Oil, Vinegar, and Spice shop. This family has dreamed of this for years.

    Saporito OVS, is a relatively new concept that has exploded in North America, the tasting of premium, top-quality extra virgin olive oil and true balsamic vinegar before making a purchase.

    Saporito offers over forty flavors of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar, to sample and to pair, to enhance recipes, both old and new. Saporito means ‘flavorful’ in Italian. Keith and Katrine believe that when accurate chemistry data is provided and the superior quality is tasted, people will find it difficult to settle for less. They invite you to visit Saporito and “Experience the flavor!”

    Saporito Oil, Vinegar and Spice
    4401 NW 25th Place, Ste. D
    Gainesville, FL 32606

    Vineyard Pharmacy

    Last year I met Frank Peprah-Asante, a native of Ghana in West Africa. At the age of 30, Frank immigrated to America seeking a better life. He enrolled in the University of Florida and earned his Pharm D. Earning this degree was part of his American Dream, but owning his own business was the ultimate goal.

    Frank worked for national Pharmacies for 13 years while he saved and planned the opening of his business. We signed his lease in May of 2014 and construction finished in August of 2014. Then the governmental bureaucracy took over. I was shocked to learn that small, independent pharmacies must have all of their construction 100% complete before the accrediting agencies will even speak to the owner. It took until January 5th of 2015, for Frank’s dream to become a reality!

    While Frank and I were talking about that day he said “It was a Monday”. I looked at him and he said “Yes, that is a day I will never forget!”

    Vineyard Pharmacy
    6500 SW Archer Road, Ste. H
    Gainesville, FL 32608

    Chrisvan, LLC

    Another entrepreneur realizing her own vision of the American Dream is Janine Jarufe, a native of Honduras. Janine immigrated to the USA as a student to earn a degree in Fashion Merchandising. Her first internship was at the one and only Bloomingdales in New York, NY. Everything she had hoped for seemed to be coming into place. But, as most of us learn, life sometimes takes us down an alternate route. Pressing family issues sent Janine to Venezuela for several years. However, Janine never gave up on her dream of one day owning her own clothing and fashion merchandising shop.

    In 2014, she moved to Gainesville to be with extended family, and in August of 2015 Janine kicked started that dream by opening Chrisvan, LLC, a boutique selling ladies and men’s clothing, accessories, including perfume, jewelry, and makeup.

    Chrisvan, LLC
    4000 West Newberry Rd., Ste. B
    Gainesville, FL 32607

    The American dream can take so many forms as you can see here. It has been an honor to help these owners with their dreams in fashion, pharmaceuticals, and the cooking arts. What is your dream? I would be honored to help you bring it to life! Call me, Bruce Rider, at 352.275.9613


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