LAUNCH! ’17 Leadership Summit

    By: Stacey Aasved

    On January 24, 2017 approx. 500 Realtors across Alachua County gathered at Trinity United Methodist Church for the LAUNCH! ’17 Leadership Summit. This event, hosted by GACAR, is a kick off to the new real estate selling season, complete with motivational speakers, business strategies, personal growth techniques and food (because that is the real reason anyone attends, right?). This year was kicked off with four excellent speakers, Becky Burleigh- UF Head Coach of the Women’s Soccer Team, Chip Bell- Authority on customer loyalty and service innovation, Nobu Hata- NAR’s Director of Member Engagement, and Terry Watson- A hilarious keynote speaker with ridiculously effective and easily implementable strategies.

    Becky Burleigh brought a great team message to the crowd, teaching us how to turn from a selfish competitive nature to a competitive team mentality instead. We learned how our character as a person, is more important than how we perform as an individual player. She gave examples of both moral and performance skills, and asked viewers to consider picking three from each skill-set to improve upon in 2017. It was interesting to see how changing one simple thought process can contribute to the overall effectiveness of the team.

    Next, Chip Bell explained the ever changing expectations of today’s consumers. The most important take-a-way was that other Realtors are not really our competition, it is Disney, Chic-Fil-A, Amazon, and FedEx. These companies excel in giving customers the best experiences, and that is what today’s consumer now expects from every business they work. It is now important for us to find ways not to just satisfy our customers, but to WOW them! Chip was not only entertaining but showed many great examples of what other companies have done, which got everyones wheels-a-turning!

    After a fantastic lunch from Honeybaked Ham, LAUNCH! ’17 continued with Nobu Hata. His message was about how to go viral in Real Estate. Not how to make a great ad that will go viral on Facebook, or on YouTube; but how to connect with the client in ways that they will want to sing your praises to everyone they know. When they share amongst their friends, peers, colleagues, and family you will go viral in very important circles of people, the ones that can directly boost your business. He gave many examples where people waste their time trying to advertise, while it is the experience that will make the biggest impressions.

    Closing out the day was Terry Watson, his very informative presentation was chalked full of great things from books to read, things to Google, or to search for on YouTube. It took a quick hand to get all the information he dolled out. We learned things that set the Top 1% of Realtors apart from the rest, words that can enhance our copywriting, and many many books to read about topics from copywriting, negotiating, advertising and even about magnesium deficiencies. He was extremely fun to listen to, and he gave us so many ways to learn new things that there is just no way you can come up with an excuse not to have learned something new that can help boost your 2017.

    So, as LAUNCH! ’17 ended, we were filled to the brim with ideas, concepts, techniques, and strategies. Though they were brought to us in many different forms and from people from different walks of life, there was so much to learn that even taking one of these ideas and putting it into practice will enhance the year ahead, NO EXCUSES!

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