Keep Your Christmas Tree Alive Longer

    Want to make sure your Christmas tree is spectacular throughout the holiday season?

    Below you will find tips on how to ensure your tree looks amazing from as long as possible.

    Maintaining a high moisture level is the main factor in reducing needle loss. To achieve this:

    • Cut at least ¼ inch off of the trunk to open up the vascular system again.Remember your tree is essentially a giant cut flower.
    • Use a water-holding stands and ensuring the water level is above the base of the base of the tree
    • Check water levels twice a day
    • Use a tree stand that holds around 1 gallon of water
    • Use plain water

    Make sure your location for your tree is appropriate:

    • Away from heat sources, a cooler room temperature will slow the drying process.            
    • Avoid direct sunlight, this can cause the tree to fade faster



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