Jan’s Favorite Things

    By: Jan Sharp

    Most everyone is familiar with the song, “My Favorite Things” from the musical, The Sound of Music. (Of course, if you can’t recall Maria, the lyrics, or the melody you can always Google it for a most delightful reprieve). Well, some of my favorite things like entertaining and hosting an Open House for my Seller allows me to combine more of my favorite things. It’s always been a priority to bring beauty in to my daily living. Who would have known that I would have eventually become a Realtor (huh uhm at this age) and found myself in my element combining my favorite things and all things Real Estate.

    The photographs are of my most recent Champagne Open House in Haile Plantation. I like to call them Champagne Open Houses because that just invokes charm and distinction. What’s more distinctively charming than Audrey Hepburn with a champagne flute between her fingertips? I love to create Tablescapes with all things pretty. I adore a buffet service of pretty glass and sterling silver (nothing makes a buffet sparkle like sterling and crystal glistening in ambient lighting). And certainly fresh flowers to make us all feel ever so special. And champagne…well it just sings, “Celebrate!” These really are a few of my favorite things!

    I’m so very passionate about making people feel welcome and comfortable and accommodated in my own home so that they have an enjoyable and memorable time. As my guests would leave and say goodbye they would thank me for having them I would always say, “the only way to thank me is to come back.”

    Finally, now, when my Sellers thank me for working so hard for them and giving them such a beautiful Open House…I say, “the way to thank me is to recommend me” And they’re pleasantly surprised and struck by the idea and love it. These, too, are a few of my favorite things.

    Joie de Vivre,


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