It’s a new year.


    We’ve all been thinking about our resolutions for 2013. Some of us have already made them, and some of us are still ironing them out.

    This year, I’m keeping mine simple. I’m only making a few. I’m not putting anything drastic on my list. I want them to be attainable because I don’t want to break them. Included on my list are to do one creative project a week and to get outside and enjoy nature at least once a week. I also want to try to send more letters and less email. But the most important item on my list this year is this simple:

    Be Good to Yourself

    I also love this idea from PinkOlive: Place a piece of paper in a mason jar every time something good happens to you this year. Read them all on New Year’s Eve next December as a reminder to be thankful for the small moments that made you happy.

    What are your resolutions? We’d love to know. We’re feeling rather inspired this year.

    By the way, that photo above? It’s from a recent trip to Lake Alice at sundown. I’m already working on those resolutions!

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