It All Began When I Bought a New Sofa…

    I decided a couple of weeks ago that it was time to replace the sofa in our “formal” living room. I don’t love using the word “formal” because it’s an outdated term and it’s by no means a formal room, but you get the idea. It’s not even a room that gets used every day so it was just kind of put on the back burner…ok, maybe the loveseat should’ve been replaced 10 years ago but it just wasn’t all that important. Suddenly, it became my priority and the only thing I could think about getting off my to-do list. Which brings me to where I am now.

    The room is cozy and has a piano, accent chair, two small end tables and a loveseat; no room for a coffee table. Due to its location, it’s kind of like Grand Central Station because it can be accessed from the kitchen, master bedroom, dining room, is right off the foyer so it’s the first thing one sees when walking through the front door and it overlooks the pool. It’s the hub of the house. The room should make a statement, right? Well this formal living room falls short. Very, very short. The seating is extremely inadequate due to the lack of space. Two people don’t really ever occupy a loveseat together, especially after two kids and 15 years of marriage. So, that leaves only an accent chair with ottoman. An entire room with seating accommodations for only two seems a bit ridiculous.

    So on to my quest to find “what doesn’t exist” according to one obviously inexperienced salesman in Ocala, with a chuckle from my husband after spending 8 hours in the car on the way back from Christmas vacation in the Keys. (Yes, I’m aware it was very kind of him to appease me and stop after being in the car with two kids all day and stuck in holiday traffic on the turnpike for hours, but I digress.) I simply asked the salesman if he had a sofa between 70-78 inches that reclines, also known as a “demi” size I was later told by another salesman. His showroom didn’t have a thing that would work, however, I found just the right piece I was looking for at Walker Furniture with a lovely saleswoman right here in Gainesville. So, this piece of furniture that “doesn’t exist” is just the right length, has slim arms, reclines and according to my darling husband, looks like airline seats. I know once it’s delivered, he will fall in love with its power recline seats and room for 3. I also found an adorable recline accent chair with a paisley print which was my inspiration for color when shopping for the sofa. In case you’re wondering, I don’t believe my husband was a fan of the paisley print chair either as his reply to the picture I texted him was, “It looks like the ties you buy me.” Can’t wait for the furniture to show up in 4-6 weeks!

    Moving right along, the majority of my house hasn’t been painted since we moved in and updated the place in 2011. With an active family, paint always needs to be freshened up, right? My husband isn’t huge on change but I could’t leave a cranberry accent wall behind the new sofa and sage green throughout the rest of the area. Accent walls are no longer “in” anyway.  So after I accidentally stumbled upon the perfect paint color in my office that happened to work perfectly with my accent chair, I was off and running. Boy was my hubby surprised when he came home from working an 11.25 hour day with everything removed off of the walls and me painting. I’m pretty sure he wanted to turn right back around and head back to work because he could see his future helping me paint. Have I mentioned he’s such a good sport?! The amusing part is when he asked where the curtains, artwork and end tables went, I told him I had sold all of it already since “none of it matched” the new sofa. What a girl can accomplish in a day!

    As it stands now, I have no furniture, a freshly painted “formal” living room, hallway and partial foyer completed. I conveniently streaked paint through the dining room so I would’t get lazy and not continue my project. Next weekend the painting will continue, without the help of my husband. I’m sure he will make plans to do something, anything…

    How often do you update your home whether it’s painting or buying a new piece of furniture?




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