It All Began When I Bought a New Sofa…Part II

    It’s been a long few weekends of painting walls with 18 ft. ceilings while dangling off extension ladders in precarious positions. Thankfully, we are done. I couldn’t be happier with the color and the way it all has turned out. This is the first time I’ve selected a paint color and haven’t had to change it after painting half of the room or in this case, the majority of the house. To be honest, I didn’t actually select the color. I have to give credit where credit is due. My office started repainting with a gorgeous blue/gray and I fell in love with the color which conveniently complemented the new blue and white paisley reclining chair I had purchased and was the inspiration for the living room. A huge thank you to my coworker for finding the perfect color, Sherwin Williams, “Big Chill.” You saved me so much time!

    I left off in my last blog (It All Began When I Bought a New Sofa) waiting on our new sofa, aka “airline seats” as my husband called the chosen sofa, to arrive for the living room. I was trying to utilize every inch of seating space without over crowding the room and I feel like I’ve accomplished that with the slim, clean lines of this sofa. Of course I was apprehensive about how it would look after my husband, mother-in-law and mom politely said, “it isn’t my taste,” but it’s functional and comfortable with it’s power reclining seats and just perfect for the space! I’m waiting on final touches for the walls and I will post before and after photos of the completed room. (Update: Our appropriately named cat, Jinx,  has already put a couple of snags in the fabric which she has never done before. (8 of her 9 lives, remain)


    The painting fun continued into the dining room, throughout the kitchen and family room and even up the stairs to the bonus room. Notice I said, “we.” My husband decided to join me in my endeavor to redo the house and his help really sped up the process. Perhaps he was tired of tripping over ladders and drop cloths and wanted me to speed up the process? Thanks, dear! We saved the best or should I say the most challenging areas for last and had to mentally prepare ourselves to complete these rooms. The family room has 18 ft vaulted ceilings, huge windows, a very heavy, 13 foot long, solid cherry wood credenza with shelving units mounted around a 60″ television, and couldn’t be moved, easily. Scaffolding would’ve been nice, but not practical.



    Did I forget to mention that I also ordered a new sectional for the family room? Well, this one hasn’t worked out quite as well as the sofa for the living room. I was hung up on picking fabric color and texture when I should’ve spent a little more time choosing the sectional pieces that would best accommodate the room. The family room is huge, how could I ever go wrong, right!? But, I did exactly that and now will most likely have to forgo the recliners I wanted to complete the room. I must have measured 10 times, with the help of my mother-in-law, to make sure I selected the right pieces but I got it all wrong which is a very costly mistake I’m now trying to fix. I currently have an extremely long sofa, 177″ to be exact, that could fit a family of 12 on it and looks like it belongs in a hotel lobby. In my defense, the middle section was supposed to arch, but I overestimated the arch and it’s ridiculously long. Why don’t I return it you may be thinking? I custom ordered this sofa from a furniture store in N. Carolina that I’ve previously ordered from because it was a rather large purchase and it’s substantially cheaper to order where it’s made. I can’t return, so I have two options. Buy another section to make it turn 90 degrees which may solve the problem, or eliminate the middle section and eat the $580 cost of that one piece and still have to buy a recliner or two. What would you do? And in case you’re wondering, the fabric and color is perfect! (Sofa Manufacturer: Palliser, Model: Juno Sectional, Color: Heavenly Cinder)


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