How to get the best price for your home in today’s market

    How difficult is it to sell a house today? The same basic principles from past decades still apply. It doesn’t matter whether there is a good market or a difficult market – these are the same tips to get the best price for your home.

    First, get an honest friend or a realtor to walk your house with you, inside and out. Ask them to give you feedback on improvements that will make your home look fresher, cleaner, and “first impression crisp.”

    Follow their suggestions and make those improvements. Focus especially on the area from the front door to the curb and 6 feet on each side of the front door.

    Make it look fresh: clean, power wash, paint, and landscape with manicured shrubs and colorful flowers. I personally like honeysuckle or tea olive. These plants will make the path to your front door smell fragrant. You may also want to give the inside of the house a fresh coat of paint. This makes everything look clean and inviting.

    Remove all the clutter that you can. Box it up and put it into storage. You can rent a mini storage unit for around $50 a month. This is much better than disorganization in the garage. Home shoppers like an uncluttered garage almost as much as they like an uncluttered house. Remove all excess furniture. This will make the home seem larger. Also, place a few attractive plants throughout the home. There is something inviting about nice indoor plants.

    Next, call a realtor for a market evaluation of the value of your home. The realtor may make similar suggestions regarding the staging of your home to sell. Make all the needed repairs that you can to show prospective home shoppers that you have maintained your home. This also will prevent giving the purchaser a reason to get a lower price due to necessary repairs.

    It is more important now than ever before to have an opinion from an experienced reputable realtor. As a broker, I refer incoming requests to associates whose expertise is in that particular area or price range. A realtor who sells $600,000 homes may not be knowledgeable at selling a $150,000 home or vice versa.

    Offer a home warranty. This also should keep the buyers from offering a very low price. These warranties are usually paid for by the seller at closing. You should check out the different warranties because not all warranties are created equal.

    Finally, list your home with a professional realtor who shows you their marketing plan. Do not list with a realtor who is 1 or 2% cheaper because it will probably cost you 10-15% in the long run.

    Getting the highest and best offer in the shortest period of time really depends on how extensively your home is marketed. A discounting fee is simply a way of saying, “you are getting what you pay for.” It will cost you at the closing table.

    Essentially, you are entering a competition with other sellers. These tips will help you to beat your competitors.

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