How iPad minis are changing the way we do business

    This morning I got a text message from one of our top sales associates and the 2012 Listing Agent of the year Perry McDonald. “I wanted to thank you guys again for the iPad mini. I’m siting in Bradenton, FL with my family right now and have had to do multiple contracts. It is such a convenient and efficient tool. I never realized what a game changer it would be,” he said.

    When we made the decision to provide every Bosshardt associate with an iPad mini equipped with 4G technology, this is exactly what we had in mind. The decision to invest nearly $40,000 into our associates and our brand was predicated on our vision for the future of real estate:

    Real Estate is moving towards mobile, consumers are moving towards mobile and our associates need to move with them. Our goal is to have a consumer-centric, paperless real estate process by the end of 2013. Its about an enjoyable home buying and/or home selling experience for our customers.

    A lot is changing with technology, and it’s creating an increased demand for trusted advice. Our associates need mobile technology to work for them and put them in front of our customers and clients more. Face-to-face time is more valuable than it has ever been. Customers can get so much information online, but they need experts to help decipher that information. Most importantly, they need to know what information is most relevant to their real estate goals and objectives.

    The iPad mini is a great device, but the differentiator is our people. The members of the Bosshardt team are the ones really making a difference — working with members of our community to help them with their real estate needs — the iPads are just helping to facilitate that. We’re fully committed to owning it in 2013!

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