Holiday Storage Issues Driving You Crazy?

    For the first time in months or maybe even years, I did something that I rarely do even if I’m on vacation. On Sunday, I sat down with a book to relax. I know, nothing earth-shattering, but for one who is always on the go with never a minute to unwind, it was huge! Yes, my lengthy to-do list is mostly self-inflicted because I like to have a purpose and sense of accomplishment, even if it’s as menial as having a clean house, but simply put, I am just incapable of sitting still. Nevertheless, there I was, soaking up the sun by the pool on the chaise lounge when out trots my happy 10-year-old daughter telling me she’s going to put out the Fall decorations…and there went all of my 3 minutes of mental relaxation, hearing those words out of my precious daughter’s mouth was like glass breaking, nails against a chalkboard, you get it. I commend myself, I didn’t launch out of the cozy chaise lounge like a rocket right away, I continued right on reading thinking, “Can’t we wait until at least October 1st?” However, every time I heard the French doors slam or the green house doors slide open, my blood pressure became elevated thinking of the mess and storage issues that were about to be bestowed upon me. As I sat there contemplating peace vs. a tornado like weather system barreling through my foyer and dining room where said decorations are stored, I once again did something I never do. I continued to sit and ponder my choices rather than immediately get up and follow her around. (My husband thought I may have been coming down with a fever)

    I don’t know about you, but unless a home is custom-built, there just doesn’t seem to be enough storage space, even in a 2800 SF house! I am a less is more kind of girl and the extreme opposite of a hoarder. If my poor husband sets something down on the counter for even a second, there is a very good chance it will magically disappear. Poof, and it’s gone, just like that. I gave many warnings the first 10 years of marriage, so don’t feel too badly for him. That being said, the idea of bringing out Fall decorations from hibernation can wreak havoc on my home and my peace of mind. My indoor “storage space” is one Easter egg away from avalanche, that’s all it takes. Everything is, well I wish I could say, nicely packed away, but truth be told, I only have so much space. I have Fall, Halloween, Easter and who knows what else stored in one cabinet. If my daughter just pulls one item out in the wrong order, my floor will become an ice skating rink full of those awesome pastel colored Easter eggs. So, as I casually meander into the kitchen for a glass of water, contemplating something stronger, I notice my beautiful everyday wreath has been removed from the wall and is sitting on the dining room table. I ask why it’s there and my fun-loving child yells from the other room, “Because I put the football wreath up.” No, it would never occur to her to hang it someplace else or find a place to stash it…probably because there is no place to put it. I went back outside.

    Twenty more minutes goes by and I hear the greenhouse doors slide open. One would think when I say “greenhouse” it would be filled with a plethora of beauty with an amazing aroma emanating from it, but no, it’s packed tightly with: an abundance of plastic bins full of Christmas ornaments, a 13 ft. Christmas tree, hay bales, scarecrows and other miscellaneous pool supplies. It’s my storage unit or black hole as some could call it. So, as she excitedly starts dragging everything out of there I begin thinking, how can I better organize the seasonal decorations? The thought of trying to cram all the Fall decorations back in that tiny little space leaves me yearning more storage and a sedative. Every Christmas I tend to eliminate decorations because I don’t want to store them. But when my sweet, innocent little kids ask me, “What happened to the Snoopy snow globe” I would no longer have to feel bad about fabricating stories about said possession I had no idea they were attached to in the first place, mom guilt!

    I think it may be time for a storage unit in my life. If you’re in a similar situation, and it’s intruding on your “downtime,” check out 34th Street Mini Storage. It has 24-hour surveillance, is climate controlled and has several storage unit sizes.

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