Have you Outgrown your Home?

    Are you currently living in your “starter home” or perhaps renting and considering buying a home because you’re bursting at the seams? Real estate agents often use the term “starter home” to describe smaller, attractively priced homes that best suit newlyweds or small families. Whether you got married, had a baby, adopted a pet, recently had a job promotion, or you are storing your canned goods in your linen closet, you may have outgrown your current living situation. Usually there is a significant milestone in one’s life that encourages this move.

    Here are 5 signs you’ve outgrown your home:

    Growing Family

    The most common reason families outgrow their home is that the family itself begins to grow. The home was perfect as newlyweds but is no longer suitable for a couple of kids and a new family pet that has been added to the mix. If the bedroom and family room have filled with baby swings, ride-along toys and you’re constantly tripping over Fido, your new 90 lb dog; it may be time to upgrade.


    Many people take into consideration entertaining when purchasing a home. “However, as families grow and end up hosting large holiday parties for the first time, the need for more space immediately becomes evident,” says Ryan Mathys from My Realty Times. The dining room table that seats 6 or 8 is no longer suitable when you add kids and extended family into the picture. Not only do you need a larger table, but a larger dining room as well.

    Finances Improve

    Recently had a job promotion or came into some money? If you’ve been living in cramped quarters for a while, it becomes increasingly more challenging to “deal” knowing you can afford a more spacious place. When your quality of life is suffering, a larger, nicer house with less clutter and tidy storage will not only mean more room to live, but a happier you.

    Starting a Home Business

    Have you started working from home or run a home business since buying your starter home? Many people end up using a guest bedroom as an office. However, even a small home-based business can require a lot of space and leaves people wondering if they need additional space to accommodate this new arrangement. Many homes now have either a designated office or bonus room in addition to bedrooms making working from home a cinch.

    You’re Aging/Aging Parents

    Couples are often faced with assisting their own parents as they age. Some will select a retirement community due to medical reasons for their loved ones while others choose to have them move into their home. There may be medical equipment or devices such as a wheelchair that your current home can’t accommodate.

    Outgrowing your home doesn’t necessarily mean you need more space. As kids begin to leave home, your once perfect space can seem too large and difficult to maintain. “Many of today’s empty nesters are choosing to downsize into a more comfortable space that will stretch their retirement dollars,” says Mathys.

    Although these are some of the most common reasons people feel they’ve outgrown their home, every family has different needs. Purchasing smaller furniture, installing closet organizers, or perhaps doing a minor home renovation may fit the bill, but for many, only a temporary solution. One of the only downsides to having a larger, tidier home; there’s more to keep clean.

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