Going Global

    Bosshardt Realty and Bosshardt Property Management are going global in 2014! Its not what you think, and it is actually far less absurd than it sounds. I know as Gainesvillains we often view ourselves as simple town buried in the heart of Florida. We have no beaches, no big city draw for international business. But a little closer look reveals that very quietly Gainesville has evolved into a multicultural, multinational community outside of the confines of the University of Florida.

    I’m not going to get into the numbers at this point. It’s enough for me to share with you that in 2014 we have included it in our strategic plan to grow our global business. Our property management company has passed its audit for its ISO 9000 certificate. An international designation that conveys a standard for excellence. Our brokerage business will be expanding to be more inclusive of our international community. Both in how we market and who we market too.

    I often get asked the questions. “How is the market? Are we already in a bubble again?” The interesting answer to these questions is more in how the market has changed. When the Real Estate market crashed in 2008 the US real estate market was predominantly a domestic market. As the domestic investors and buyers start to return, they are finding more global buyers than ever before. The demand side in our market has experienced a “shift” as economists might say.

    At Bosshardt we plan to be ready for the shift. We look forward to a fantastic 2014!

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