Don’t miss the Blitz: Saturday & Sunday April 26th & 27th

    The Bosshardt Blitz, Gainesville’s biggest open house event is finally here! Saturday, April 26th & Sunday, April 27th from noon to 4:30 pm, Bosshardt Realty Services will provide buyers exclusive access to over eighty homes across Gainesville, Newberry, Alachua, and the rest of Alachua County. The Bosshardt Blitz has homes in every price range, from the low 70’s to approaching $800,000. This is a unique opportunity for buyers to visit some of Gainesville’s finest homes in premier neighborhoods such as Haile Plantation’s Matthews Grant and Westfield Commons. Other great neighborhoods include Stonegate, Turkey Creek, Blues Creek, Millhopper Station and Emerald Woods.

    Open houses are my favorite way to shop for a home because I have the ability to see several homes I wouldn’t ordinarily select if I were doing an online search. Almost four years ago we sold our home and the buyers asked for a quick closing leaving us with only three weeks to find a home. We knew our desired neighborhood was in the NW but the homes we could afford were not a step up from what we had sold. We eliminated looking at one particular house in that neighborhood based on it being above our price range. However, one gorgeous Sunday afternoon, on what seemed like an endless quest to find new inventory in a neighborhood we had already been through at least 30 times, the vacant house was open and we decided that we might as well take a look. What did we have to lose? After all, we were down to a week to find our new residence without a single possibility. So there we were, my husband carrying our three year old daughter and me with our newborn son entering a home which I thought we had no chance of ever living in. Of course, it was perfect in most every way. The kitchen needed some updating as it was built in the 90’s but it had so much space compared to the home we had sold. So, we reluctantly made an offer which was significantly lower than asking price and after one counter-offer the house was ours! We have the house of our dreams with more than enough space all because of an open house. My husband even had the kitchen remodeled which was a pleasant surprise!

    The Blitz eliminates the hassle of having to narrow down a lengthy list of potential homes, having a Realtor set up specific appointments and hoping there is enough time to see them all during your busy work schedule. The Blitz is also a great way to meet experienced Realtors to assist in your home search or the sale of your existing home. Another reason I love unlimited open houses is for remodeling and decorating ideas. With a variety of homes available to fit every budget this is a great way to tour several homes in one single day!

    Blitz homes are easy to locate by following the Bosshardt Realty signs and balloons. Don’t miss our ad in the Gainesville Sun for listings and open house times or visit Bosshardt Blitz. For more information, call Bosshardt Realty Services, LLC at (352) 371-6100.

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