Consider hiring a realtor when building a home

    We all know the value of a realtor when it comes to buying, selling and even renting, but have you ever considered hiring one when building a home? Their knowledge of homeowners laws, taxes and procedure can be indispensable even when building.

    Need land? A realtor can help you find the perfect lot to fit your needs with their expertise about zoning, neighborhoods and access. If you work with a builder who already owns land and are building in that area, your realtor can help you draw up a contract offer to purchase the builder’s lot. If you choose to build on the builder’s lot, the builder will compensate your realtor, but if you purchase one separately, you would pay commission to your realtor.

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    When you’re searching for a builder, a realtor can also help. They often have contacts with builders that they’ve worked with before and can help to match you with a builder that will work well with you and specializes in any particular features you might want to include in your plans. When you start designing plans, your realtor can help you think of the little features that really matter based on their experience with buying and selling homes.

    Realtors can be very helpful when it comes to signing agreements and putting down deposits on the construction of your house, as well. They can take you through the details of the contract to make sure you understand everything and adjust things where necessary. They can also assist you when applying for a new construction home loan. They typically work with a preferred lender and can advise you on gathering all of the information you’ll need to complete the application.

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