Bosshardt’s training program helps sell homes

    A large part of the Bosshardt Realty Advantage is the initial and ongoing training program that is offered at Bosshardt Realty Services. Our training begins with Real Estate Licensing and continuing education courses that a new or veteran applicant can do right in the corporate office on NW 43 Street in Gainesville.

    However our training does not stop there. Our trainer, Sharon Taylor, brings experience and credentials from large and small real estate companies as far up the coast as North Carolina. Her 30+ years of experience in listing and selling, managing and training, have made her a total guru in the real estate business. Her training has allowed Bosshardt Realty to “change with the times” and these times are rapidly evolving.

    How does this help sell houses? One who represents buyers and sellers in today’s real estate environment needs to be able to adjust and thrive with all the constant changes. This is especially true with fewer homes selling in todays market compared to the number of homes on the market. We must use all of our competitive advantage we can develop. We live in a very litigious society; we must protect our clients from liability. This comes only from continuous learning.

    An associate must be able to sell the benefits of the each home that comes on the market as compared to another home in the same neighborhood which is a short sale or foreclosure. This short sale or foreclosure will bring the value of this new listing down if it is not marketed properly.

    There is no other real estate program that has the quality of training that Bosshardt has. In addition to Sharon Taylor as our principal trainer, Gene Anne McKay, Aaron Bosshardt, and myself are training and supporting all of our associates 24/7. There is always a manager on call. At Bosshardt we recognize that the sale of real estate does not stop at 5 o’clock daily or on Fridays. Evenings and weekends are the time people have to shop and buy real estate.

    The program is beneficial for new agents as well. For Tate Mikell, starting out as a new realtor is sometimes an intimidating experience.

    “Starting out as a new Realtor can be an intimidating experience,” he said in an email. “You have your license, but there is so much left to learn.”

    He appreciates Gene Ann and Sharon’s “no stupid questions” approach to training. the program has given him a more confident grasp on the job.

    “I think the training program at Bosshardt is unmatched in our area,” he said.

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