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    • 2014 Realtor Awards

      Today, Bosshardt Realty recognized all the hardworking Realtors that made 2014 a success. We appreciate your continued support in our Realtors, and the confidence you have placed in them. You are at the center of everything we do and we will work tirelessly towards ensuring that we meet and exceed your expectations.

      A heartfelt thank you from the Bosshardt Family of Companies for making Gainesville and Alachua County the best place to live, work & call home.

      Written by Aaron Bosshardt
    • Holiday Emergency Vendor Services

      We would like to thank you all for a great year! Being that we are a family company, we are excited about the upcoming holidays and the opportunity to spend time with each other. We also know that the holidays are a time when things are apt to go wrong!

      Written by Aaron Bosshardt
    • Going Global

      Bosshardt Realty and Bosshardt Property Management are going global in 2014! Its not what you think, and it is actually far less absurd than it sounds. I know as Gainesvillains we often view ourselves as simple town buried in the heart of Florida. We have no beaches, no big city draw for international business. But a little closer look reveals that very quietly Gainesville has evolved into a multicultural, multinational community outside of the confines of the University of Florida.

      Written by Aaron Bosshardt
    • Do Open Houses Work?

      I get asked this question a lot. “Do open houses work? My Realtor says they are a waste of time.” The answer is simple. They do work. It’s just they take time, resources and planning to do them right.

      Written by Aaron Bosshardt
    • Chris Handy – Bosshardt’s Newest Vice President

      Gainesville, Florida June, 13th 2013 – Aaron Bosshardt and the Vice Presidents of Bosshardt Realty Services met this morning and unanimously voted to appoint Chris Handy to Vice President.

      The Vice Presidents wanted to acknowledge Chris Handy’s work in the profession as a Realtor, and his volunteer work at the Board of Realtors, as well as the tremendous character he’s shown both as a professional and a person.

      Written by Aaron Bosshardt