9 Foolproof Decorating Tips

    by Stacey Aasved

    First impressions:
    To make a great first impression, paint your front
    door a fun, glossy color. It will make your guests
    feel welcome before they even knock on the door.

    Your furniture should talk:
    Arranging your sofa with two chairs opposite, and
    a table in the middle will not only open up the room,
    but will invite conversation.

    Let the sun in:
    When decorating windows, think sheers paired with
    full length panels. Natural light is the best way to
    warm up a room, so keep your window coverings light
    and airy with linen and silk blends to allow the sun in.

    Mirror, mirror:
    Mirrors help rooms feel larger and brighter when
    situated properly. Place at least one mirror in each
    room. Take care to place them perpendicular to
    windows (not across from them) allowing the light
    to bounce from the windows to the room around it.

    All about the lights:
    Every room should have three kinds of lighting:
    ambient, which provides overall illumination; task,
    which is often found over a kitchen island or a reading
    nook; and accent, which is more decorative.

    The rug defines:
    In a living room, all four legs of the sofa and chairs
    in your furniture grouping should fit on the rug.
    The rug should be used to define your seating area.

    Flexible walls:
    Sticking to colors like beige or grey will minimize
    jarring transitions and make the room look larger.
    White walls can appear dated and institutional, but
    a soft grey or beige can make a world of difference
    and will allow you to change accessories easier.

    Raise the roof…visually:
    By painting the ceilings white, and hanging curtains
    5” to 7” higher than the windows you can visually
    enlarge your space.

    Bookshelves tend to be the worst clutter collectors,
    with about 50% more “stuff” than they should have.
    Reducing by half will make visual improvements.

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