7 Tips to Sell Your Home In the Blink of an Eye

    You’ve finally decided you want to sell your home for one reason or another, maybe due to a new job, you’d like to downsize or you’re having a baby and need more space. (Congratulations by the way, having two of those tiny people myself, I know they tend to take up lots of space and have the potential to make a substantial amount of noise, a bigger house can never hurt.) Anyway, you want to sell quickly. Here are the top 10 tips to sell your home in a jiffy.

    1. Don’t price buyers out of seeing your home. If you’re asking price is too high, lots of buyer’s are never going to see it. The most important time to have a home priced right is when it first hits the market on MLS, the first 30 days. To make your home competitive, your Realtor should obtain the sales prices of the three similar homes that have sold in your neighborhood in the last several months or so, then try to go 10-15% below that when you set your home’s list price.

    2. Take advantage of online marketing. Be sure to select a real estate company that has a strong online presence. 92% of homebuyers begin their house hunt online and will not see your home if the online listing and pictures aren’t compelling or they’re not even online in the first place. Sure, the newspaper and other forms of print media never hurt, but you want your home to be seen front and center not only on real estate webpages, but also on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, on your homeowners associations home page and so forth. Share, Share, Share! Some real estate companies will even offer a 3D tour of your home. Experience 3D Home Tour It will knock your socks off!

    3. Offer incentives. Help with closing costs have almost become standard. Offer something else that keeps money in the buyers pocket and gets them excited, ideally items that are above and beyond what the average homebuyer in your home’s price range would be able to afford such as your stainless refrigerator or perhaps your beloved 52″ television mounted on the wall. Just think, you can buy bigger and better for your next home.

    4. Spruce up your curb appeal. If you have an otherwise beautiful yard but it’s currently looking a little down, now is the time to revive it. Replace the couple of pieces of dead sod, place a flower pot on the walkway or by the front door and re-mulch the flower beds. Mulch does wonders on freshening up the exterior of a home. If the exterior paint is looking a bit tired, give it a fresh coat and paint the front door.

    5. Update and stage the interior. If you have an eclectic style in your home, now is the time to go neutral. If your home boasts bright colors and accent walls, paint the interior walls a neutral color. Pack up all your knickknacks, personal pictures and extra stuff that is around and place them in storage. Removing items, including extra pieces of furniture always make the room look larger. In addition, if your home has particularly dated fixtures, replacing them is an easy and affordable way to give your home a quick update.

    6. Access to the home is essential. Flexibility is key when trying to sell your home. If you have limited hours that your home can be shown, it may not fit the home buyers schedule and they may cross your home off the list. Expect the unexpected. You may receive a phone call to see your home in the morning, in the evening after buyers get off work and on the weekends. Keeping your home immaculate all the time isn’t always possible, but be sure to at least tidy up by loading the dishwasher and cleaning off the countertops before you leave the house.

    7. Eliminate Odor. Have you ever walked into a friends house and noticed an unsavory odor? When I was looking to purchase my last home, I was excited about seeing a vacant home that I thought was “the one” but quickly realized upon walking in the front door that the home was permeated with cigarette smoke. Needless to say, I didn’t even finish looking at the home. Be cognizant of possible odors. If you have any pets that have bedding or a spend a lot of  time in a crate, those items may emanate pet odor. Put away all of its toys or equipment and be sure the litter box is cleaned daily.



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