7 Reasons to Love Fall in Gainesville

    When I feel that first crisp breeze and watch the colors begin to change, I know that summer is on its way out and fall is in the air! Well, that may be a little drastic here in Gainesville since we don’t feel a crisp breeze until mid October at best or see the foliage change, but I did enjoy opening my windows last Sunday which was the first hint that fall will be arriving before we know it. Although Gainesville is known for being particularly hot and humid, fall is a lovely time of year here with temperatures in the mid 70’s. Here are 7 reasons to love Gainesville in the fall:

    Cooler Temperatures & Great Hair: After an extremely unbearable, humid August and the four months that precede it,  it’s nice to have the much-needed respite to enjoy outdoor activities such as biking, the park, running, camping and enjoying the cool, dry, breeze blowing through the open windows and doors of the house. Who doesn’t love a little fresh air?

    In addition to cooler temperatures, we also have the end of the rainy season as well as numerous patterns of circulation falling off the radar with hurricane season coming to a close. No humidity makes for several months of great hair!

    Football Season: Nothing signifies the beginning of fall like the start of football season. Football, whether high school, college or pro, is kind of a big thing in these parts even if you’re not a lover of the sport. It’s the beginning of traditional tailgating get-togethers that so many in our area look forward to since, well, the end of last football season.

    Fall Festivities: Haunted houses, pumpkin patches & corn mazes, oh my! Gainesville is full of fun for all ages come October 1st. The Trinity United Methodist Pumpkin Patch was a favorite of mine when my kids were younger. It was a great place to let them play, take a few pictures and pick the perfect pumpkin. Now that they’re older, Roger’s Farm, Newberry Cornfield Maze and the Coon Hollo Corn Maze are always exciting places to visit to enjoy a hay ride, corn maze, haunted house and even pony rides!

    Fall Clothes: It’s not often we southerners get to sport more than a tank top, shorts and flip flops, so the cooler weather is a welcome opportunity to wear all of our favorite clothing such as jeans, leggings, tights, sweaters and boots.

    More Sleep…or Play:  On November 1st we gain one more hour to sleep, or play, as we fall back out of Daylight Savings Time and reset the clocks.

    Florida Resident Park Discounts: Fall is a great time to get Florida Resident discounts for theme parks. With school back in full swing, the summer crowds are gone and parks offer deep discounts to entice us Florida residents to be their guest. Discounts can usually be found at Disney Parks, Legoland, Busch Gardens and Kennedy Space Center. With our great N. Central Florida location, we are only 2 hours away from all the fun.

    Thanksgiving Outdoors: While everyone in the north is celebrating Thanksgiving indoors, (last year the snow was even falling) we are lucky enough to enjoy Thanksgiving wherever we’d like. I’ve spent many holidays gathered with family by the pool on the lanai watching my husband throw the football around with the kids in the backyard. A couple of years ago we went to my brother’s and fried a turkey in his backyard on the beach. Nothing beats being able to enjoy the great outdoors on Thanksgiving with family and friends.

    What do you enjoy most about fall in Gainesville? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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