6 Reasons to Sell during the “Off-Season”

    Do you think you have missed out on the peak selling season? Are you in a state of quandary as to whether you should put your home on the market now or wait for the beautiful spring weather to bring buyers? Wait no more, here are the top 6 reasons to list your home this Fall & Winter.

    Fantastic Florida Weather
    Florida weather is always great for real estate. We live in an area that has a beautiful climate year-round and northerners flock here to escape the bone-chilling cold.

    Less Competition
    Inventory is lower in the Fall and Winter. The fewer number of homes on the market in your area, the greater the probability that a buyer will look  and make an offer on your home.

    Quicker Transactions
    With fewer real estate transactions taking place in the Fall/Winter, mortgage lenders, closing companies, and home inspectors aren’t as busy, leading to a quicker transaction for all parties involved.

    First-Quarter Job Relocations
    Job relocations occur very frequently in the early months of the year, often leaving buyers with little time to find their new home.

    Fewer Showings with More Serious Buyers
    Consider this a blessing! The time you spend preparing for foot traffic will be substantially less in the Fall and Winter and the buyers that do view your home will be extremely motivated.

    Seasonal Decorating
    You’re probably decorating for the holiday season and most buyers love to see a home staged with the wintertime spirit such as a crackling fire, Thanksgiving place setting, a Christmas tree or something as simple as a seasonal scent wafting through the air.

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