6 Reasons I Love Livin’ the #BosshardtLife

    Do you wake up in the morning and think, “I can’t wait to go to work?” Well, I do, and it’s not because I can’t wait to escape the chaos of my brood at home for the tranquility of my office space…okay, maybe it’s a little of that too, but I truly enjoy walking through the front doors of our office building and seeing the smiling faces of my co-workers I’m happy to call friends. As I walk to the back of the building to my little corner of Heaven, I mentally organize my to-do list for the morning when I recognize the familiar scent an Egg McMuffin wafting from the marketing department. There it is, a beautiful golden wrapper sitting on my desk greeting me. One of the marketing fairies left it on my desk and got my day off to a great start! Generosity abounds in the Bosshardt offices. Reason #1 I love Livin’ the #BosshardtLife.

    During my time at Bosshardt Realty, and it’s been a long time throughout the years, I’ve learned to expect the unexpected. I’ve also learned, it’s never a good idea to have your back to the door. There have been situations when I’ve been hard at work, minding my own business, writing my next blog, creating a newsletter, or fulfilling a marketing request when I’ve been ambushed by coworkers, with the Nerf Zombi Double Strike. No, there is never a dull moment, and I’ve learned to always be ready to retaliate. Reason #2 I love Livin’ the #BosshardtLife 

    I mentioned that I’ve been with Bosshardt Realty on and off for many years. As a young college graduate, I experienced a lot of “Firsts” while with the company.  I got married, built our first house with Bosshardt, and then we had a beautiful baby girl. I continued to work for 7 months after having our daughter and then decided it was time to just be a mommy. A few years later, we had an adorable little boy and when he was 3 I decided it was time I go back to work. Yes, as much as I loved being at home, I wanted to break free and talk to adults again. Carol and Aaron Bosshardt warmly welcomed me back to the company and made a place for me to call home. Bosshardt Realty is always about family. Reason #3 I love Livin’ the #BosshardtLife. 

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    The Bosshardt Family of Companies; Bosshardt Title Insurance, Bosshardt Property Management & Bosshardt Realty Services, LLC never miss a holiday or a reason to celebrate. They not only want to celebrate their employees that work throughout the companies, but also the community. Annually, Bosshardt hosts several family events from an Easter Egg Hunt to the Pumpkin Patch for all to enjoy. There is always a bounce house, pony rides, face painting and other family activities to be apart of. Simply put, they value their employees and their families as well as the community. Reason #4 I love Livin’ the #BosshardtLife.

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    The Bosshardt team is continuously dedicated to giving back to the community throughout the year. During the first quarter of 2015, Bosshardt employees had already logged over 1,000 volunteer hours. In addition, Bosshardt is a large supporter of PALS and many other events such as Heart Ball, Children’s Home Society and Stop Children’s Cancer.  Bosshardt’s charity committee meets regularly to discuss how they can be of help throughout the community. Reason #5 I love Livin’ the #BosshardtLife.



    I’m not alone, Stacey Aasved, my partner in crime in our department says, ” “I can’t think of one day that I have dreaded coming to work, even when things are super busy we still manage to have fun. Just this week one of our Realtors brought in ice cream sandwiches for everyone in the office, so for a few minutes and for no reason at all, we all took a short break socialized and enjoyed our ice cream. It may not seem like much but almost daily we have something fun and spontaneous happen, it helps to break up the monotony of daily duties and brings everyone closer together. The teamwork and comradery at Bosshardt is unparalleled.”




    From staff members, to the Realtors and IT as well as management, we have a diverse group of individuals that come together for one common goal, to serve our customers with the best possible service, and we just happen to have a whole lot of fun in the process. It’s reason #6 I love Livin’ the #BosshardtLife.

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    3 Responses to “6 Reasons I Love Livin’ the #BosshardtLife”

    • Aaron Bosshardt

      Written on

      Diversity, Collaboration, Community Service, and a commitment to having fun all the while providing the best trusted advice to our customers and clients. It takes a team and village. Keep up the great work team!

    • Shanieka

      Written on

      Bosshardt is a great company. I love coming to work and being around great people. The staff here is amazing!! #BosshardtLife

    • Bobbie Jo

      Written on

      Reason #7 I Love living the #BosshardtLife

      In the Association Management Division of Bosshardt, we have tons of SUPPORT from amazing people, and they’re all just an office or a phone call away…. We have the most amazing IT department (Harold saves the day on a regular basis!), Bookeepers (Sarah Brady is amazing!), BOSS MAINTENANCE LIFE# (Sandy, Kendall and Lanea are always going above and beyond to help us please our Associations and their owners. They are the best!!!!), Garry Griffin (Bosshardt President who is readily available for us 24/7, literally), and Debbie Houdershelt (Senior CAM) is always right there to help with training or to answer questions… We have all of the resources we need to succeed and a lot of support. I work with a whole bunch of really great people…where the opportunities are endless and the days are always unique. Family atmosphere #BosshardtLife #Bosshardt4Life


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