5 Bathroom Design Trends for 2019

    Are you considering updating your bathroom in 2019 and need some inspiration? Here are the latest design trends you can look for. And just a warning, old trends become new again in 2019.

    Brass is Back

    Still have a bathroom that may be sporting brass fixtures from the 90’s? You’re in luck! Brass is experiencing a resurgence in popularity and will be trending in 2019. So polish up those fixtures and update the vanity in favor of an unpainted or reclaimed wood that focus on the knots and wood grain pattern and you’ll be the talk of the town. Benefits of using brass: it’s more resistant to corrosion than any other type of material, it’s timeless and best of all, it’s germicidal. Win-win for all.


    Don’t break up with your bathtub quite yet. According to a 2018 trends report, 80% of remodeling homeowners were not only keeping their tubs, but upgrading them. A soaking tub is the most popular option winning 69 percent of the vote according to Real Simple Magazine.

    Open Shelving

    Have a small space and need more storage? Utilize empty spaces such as the wall that’s opposite to the bathtub’s faucet with open shelving. Bold wood, metal and glass shelving is a sleek way to hold towels and other bathroom necessities.

    Matte Black

    While matte black is a popular trend all over the home in 2019, it’s great in the bathroom. Matte black painted ship lap is an eye-catcher whether behind the vanity or tub. Complement it with a geometric matte black flooring such as a hexagonal tile and you’ll have a dream bathroom.

    High-Tech Bathrooms

    Smart showers and mirrors, blue tooth speakers and voice activated lighting are just a few of the fun new trends. Who doesn’t want the spa-like experience every time they step into their bathroom?


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