4 Websites & Apps that will Save You Money

    Most people that know me are aware that I’m extremely savvy when it comes to getting the most bang for my buck. Along with using coupons on a regular basis I also have a few apps and websites I use daily to put a little green back in my pocket. Whether you need to save a few dollars or not, it’s always fun to get a great deal, right? If you give these 4 apps & websites a try they will start saving you money immediately.

    1. Ebates

    If you do any shopping online, create an Ebates account and be sure to login and shop through Ebates every time you place an online order. You can and earn up to 25% cash back at your favorite stores. How you may ask? Ebates stores pay them a fee when you shop. Ebates then shares the fee directly with you.

    Not only do they give you cash back, but they also hunt down coupons and exclusive offers plus amazing deals on hot products. Unlike any other savings site on the internet, you can layer the deals. You can save a substantial amount  by using coupons and getting cash back at the same time on items you were already going to buy with or without a coupon. With deal layering, you really stack up the savings.

    Best of all, there is never charge a membership fee. They just send you your cash, no strings attached. I’ve had my account a year and have already made $84.52 and I’m not a huge online shopper.

    Tip: When I created my account they offered me a $5 or $10 gift card after my first online purchase through Ebates to a store of my choice: Target, Home Depot etc.

    2. Ibotta

    Love to save on staples like milk, bread, eggs and other grocery items you buy every day? Better than a coupon, Ibotta pays you real cash money whenever, wherever you shop. Whether you buy these items from Publix, CVS or your other favorite store, it’s as simple as downloading the free app. The best part, if you already have a paper or electronic coupon you used in the store, you can use Ibotta in addition to the coupon.

    • Unlock the rebate by answering a question.
    • Shop for your item(s)
    • Redeem: Ibotta will verify your purchases and send cash to your account usually within 24 hours. Just scan the barcode on your item and submit the receipt via your phone and you’re all set. It takes me less than 30 seconds to claim my money.

    Just to give you an example of what offers are almost always available, I receive .30 back every time I buy a gallon of milk or eggs, .25 for a loaf of bread and 1.00 for a jar of Ragu sauce. There are also offers available on produce, wine, beer, liquor, cleaning supplies and healthy & beauty. Why not get paid on items you’re already buying on a weekly basis? You can cash out when your balance reaches 10.00 or just continue to watch the balance increase.

    3. Checkout 51

    Checkout 51 is very similar to Ibotta but even easier. No need to scan the item or answer questions, just upload the receipt via your phone. The money goes directly into your account and you can redeem for a check once your balance reaches $20.

    4. RetailMeNot

    Ever been at a store, really wanted an item but wished you had a coupon. Now you do! It’s as simple as getting the RetailMeNot app. Get discounts with coupon and promo codes for thousands of online stores. I was at JCP the other day and had 2 pairs of heels in my hand. I simply typed in “JCP” into the app, showed the cashier the code and automatically received 25% off my purchase.

    Do you have any favorite money saving apps or websites you’d like to share? Please leave them in the comments below.

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