25 Reasons We Love Gainesville

    by Stacey Aasved

    1. GATOR Sports!

    2. Farmers Markets: Find what you need, grown or produced locally, in one of the 4 farmers markets in Gainesville.

    3. Walking Trails: With 28 nature parks and trails to choose from you won’t run out of places to explore.

    4. Medical Centers: UFHealth, North Florida Regional Medical Center, and the Malcom Randall VA are all located in Gainesville, as well as many non-emergency facilities to keep you healthy.

    5. Commitment to the Arts: From art galleries to performing arts centers Gainesville has the arts covered.

    6. Drag Racing: Whether you enjoy watching Top fuel dragsters, drag bikes, or just racing your own car for fun. The Gainesville Raceway has it all.

    7. Veterans Memorials: Did you know there are 82 different locations that are dedicated to the memory of our Veterans? Plus, there is a Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day event every year.

    8. Education: From Public schools to Private, College and beyond, Gainesville remains committed to education.

    9. Kids Sports: Youth Athletics are big in Gainesville. You are sure to find the right team for your child no matter what the sport may be.

    10. Center of the State: Less than an hour and a half drive to either Florida coast.

    11. Location to Rivers and Springs: Gainesville is an hour or less to 11 different rivers or springs.

    12. Live Music: You can find live music just about anywhere in Gainesville. Check out local bars, the downtown square and many other locations throughout the town.

    13. Commitment to Community: Whether it is a fundraiser for a local charity, a literacy festival for the kids, or just a fun family event. Gainesville’s commitment to the community is unparalleled.

    14. Weather: Over the course of a year, the temperature typically varies from 42°F to 91°F and is rarely below 29°F or above 95°F.

    15. The Wall: A place where you can legally spray paint a wall, voice an opinion, congratulate someone, remember a lost loved one, or just paint for fun, it is all allowed on “The Wall.”

    16. Florida Wildlife: It is not unheard of to see wildlife all over Gainesville. Bald eagles, hawks, alligators, deer, wild stallions, bison and even black bears have been spotted here.GatorHead

    17. Dog Friendly: With 25 parks allowing dogs on a leash, dedicated dog parks, and even restaurants that welcome your furry friend, Gainesville is truly dog friendly.

    18. Gator Growl: The nation’s largest student-run pep rally. Go Gators!

    19. Airport: Flying from Gainesville to Atlanta, Charlotte, Miami or Orlando is easier with the Gainesville Regional Airport.

    20. Breweries: Swamp Head and First Magnitude are two award-winning local breweries that call Gainesville home. Two great places to support drinking local.

    21. Libraries: Besides all the libraries located on the campus of UF, there are also 5 libraries in Gainesville, and 6 more in the county.

    22. Food: From the original Sonny’s BBQ, Satchels, and Cymplify to the fine dining of Manuel’s Vintage Room, Dragonfly and Sabore, Gainesville has great locally owned restaurants and food trucks.

    23. Technology: Gainesville has quickly become a technology hub with centers like Innovation Square, the Innovation Hub at UF and many more.

    24. State Parks: We have 4 State parks/preserves with Paynes Prairie, San Felasco, Devil’s Millhopper, and the Gainesville-Hawthorne Trail.

    25. Superior Real Estate Services: Bosshardt Realty is the largest family owned Real Estate company in North Central Florida. With a focus on customer relationships, and leading industry technology we are equipped to help you better than any other company in the area.

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