Monthly Archives: November 2014

    • Holiday Emergency Vendor Services

      We would like to thank you all for a great year! Being that we are a family company, we are excited about the upcoming holidays and the opportunity to spend time with each other. We also know that the holidays are a time when things are apt to go wrong!

      Written by Aaron Bosshardt
    • What Shenanigans does your Elf on a Shelf get into?

      It’s that festive time of year again when families begin to adorn their homes for Christmas. The Clark Griswold light display is in full swing, the tree is hand-picked & decorated, and the family Christmas stockings are hung by the fireplace. It’s also about the time when our mischievous Elf on a Shelf, named Snowflake begins to wreak havoc in our household.

      Written by Michelle Schibuola
    • Teaching Children it is Better to Give than to Receive

      As the holiday season is quickly approaching, I’m looking for a more personal, hands-on way to demonstrate and explain charity to my children rather than just purchasing an item and dropping it in a box or donating money. Kids don’t understand that the donated money will buy milk, bread or other essentials. At the ages of 4 and 7, it’s very difficult for kids to grasp such an abstract concept such as donating to a worthy cause. Most children don’t realize some of their peers aren’t as fortunate to be raised as they are and that many adults don’t have the necessities of life as they should.

      Written by Michelle Schibuola
    • Listing Photos: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

      We’ve all seen them. Maybe you’ve even been the offender at one time or another. But listing photos come in a variety of categories. The good ones are usually professionally taken and instantly grab you and make you run to your spouse claiming you fell in love and absolutely have to have this house. The bad are usually taken on a digital camera by someone that may not know how to utilize all the fancy settings and may include last night’s dinner dishes. The ugly, the worst listing photos of them all, are the dark, low-resolution pictures possibly even taken on a smartphone. Don’t do it, I repeat, don’t do it.

      Written by Michelle Schibuola
    • Dan Drotos Completes CCIM Designation

      Bosshardt Realty Services, LLC would like to congratulate Dan Drotos on another remarkable achievement. In October, he completed the Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) designation in Los Angeles. The CCIM designation is commercial real estate’s global standard for professional achievement, earned through an extensive curriculum of 200 classroom hours and professional experiential requirements. Dan has been working diligently for over three years to complete this extraordinary designation.

      Written by Michelle Schibuola