Monthly Archives: October 2014

    • A Tragedy Averted

      A few years ago in Gainesville, a troubled student was spotted by a teacher and friends standing at the top of a bridge and they were concerned for his well-being. All three immediately contacted the PALS counselor at their school to express their concerns.

      Shortly after the odd behavior, the troubled youth came in and admitted he had planned to jump off the bridge but decided that he also “wanted to take the others who were bullying him.”

      Written by Michelle Schibuola
    • Bosshardt Goes Bald for PALS

      What began as a challenge at Bosshardt Realty to encourage their Realtors® to list at least 80 homes in the recent Bosshardt Blitz, left President Aaron Bosshardt and Director of Marketing Mike Stanton, shaving their heads last Tuesday.

      Written by Michelle Schibuola
    • My Landlord’s Henchmen

      Have you ever rented a property and had a bad experience with the landlord over simple maintenance issues such as a leaky pipe or perhaps, rodents? Guest blogger, Mallory Thompson describes her 2-year ordeal as a tenant in a privately owned rental unit and how relieved she is to now be living in a unit maintained by a professional management company.

      Written by Admin