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    Jahnava is a name for the Ganges river, which is a source of life for millions and has seen great empires rise and fall on its banks in India. Pronounced Jah-nu-vuh, she was born in Bogotá, Colombia, but has spent much of her life learning from and in fascination with various cultures of the world.

    From being a valedictorian in high school to graduating with honors from the University of Florida, Jahnava has always strived for excellence in everything she pursues. In college she studied modern languages, learning English, Italian and French. She met her husband while visiting family in Gainesville in 2006, and shortly thereafter she moved to the Gator Nation and graduated with honors from the University of Florida with a bachelor’s in Spanish Linguistics and a minor in Elementary Education. She has made Gainesville her home here ever since.

    Growing up Jahnava always carried with her a strong desire to help others, and is passionate about teaching. She taught in a local Montessori school, and volunteers every year as a summer youth counselor touring around the country. While in college she worked in leasing and property management for her in-law’s local real estate business.

    Jahnava has a passion for traveling, experiencing new cultures and meeting people. She has developed a talent for adapting different stylistic elements and fashions that she has discovered in her journeys in order to create multi-faceted ambiance in interior design. She had the opportunity to run a successful boutique in the East Village of Manhattan for two years, where she was able to hone her skills by attending numerous home décor shows in New York. She also travelled throughout Europe and Asia shopping for the store to bring these elements to her customers.

    Born in Texas, Jahnava’s husband moved to Gainesville in 1992, and he has actively been involved in the local community since then, from participating in to coaching soccer and tennis at the local high school. Jahnava has served on the board for her local community church, and they volunteer much of their time for community projects. They enjoy walks in the beautiful San Felasco nature preserve, and venturing to one of the many nearby crystal clear springs to swim. They also take Zumba classes, practice yoga and meditation, and love cooking tasty international delicacies with a healthy and contemporary twist.

    Jahnava’s diverse heritage has led her to be an open-minded, thoughtful and outgoing person. She is reliable, straightforward, and will always give you the facts, because personal and professional integrity are core principles of her life. This translates into her impeccable work ethic; you can always count her to go above and beyond to fulfill commitments she has made. Even after a home is purchased she is available to assist with her knowledge and expertise in the area, and really cares that her clients are happy long-term.

    Jahnava Rico Khurana
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    Phone: (352) 371-6100

    Jahnava Rico Khurana

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