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    Remember Hurricane Harvey in 2017, which caused billions of dollars in national losses to the residents of Houston, Texas area? It was unimaginable flooding and peoples’ lives were at stake. They did not know what to do or how to survive the natural disaster. During this time, Utpal was in the middle of moving his family from Texas to Florida. At the time, his home was on the market, but natural calamity did not spare him. His Texas home was flooded and damaged. It was completely uninhabitable. In the midst of the crisis he had to deal with a damaged home in Texas and settling at his newly relocated home in Gainesville. It was painful, but he consoled himself that his situation was better than millions of people who were victims of the hurricane. He decided not to get distracted and to just think about how he could deal with the challenge and to come up with a solution rather than looking for help from others.

    Utpal, along with the assistance from his Realtor (He will remain indebted to her great help during the time of crisis) went into action. His focused attention and excellent teamwork efforts, managerial experience and timely communication skills showed him the way forward. During this whole process, everyone played their part well (like friends, contractors, insurance companies and Realtors). He was very happy that he accomplished his goal of successfully renovating the home in record time, and he sold it to a new homeowner. Navigating through this experience made him realize that in times of stress, he should think wisely, put his resources together, and manage them well to defy the situation. The whole process of going through the trauma, reconstructing their home and finally selling it to a happy customer, motivated Utpal to transition his career into the real estate business. He brings a unique perspective to each real estate transaction.

    Utpal Pandya was born and brought up in India. After completing his Master’s and PhD. in Chemistry, Utpal moved to Houston/Galveston to work as a Research Scientist and Faculty at University of Texas Medical Branch and University of Houston. During his scientific career, he worked on various research projects in the field of cancer, pneumonia, cataracts, Environmental Metagenomics profiling, etc. He has rich experience in various field of biological sciences as is evident from his scientific communications/research publications. He has experience in collaborating with diverse groups on a day to day basis. He has also worked with the NASA team at Kennedy Space Center/Cape Canaveral, Florida, and was involved in three successful missions to space biological projects.

    In his spare time, he enjoys being with his family, reading, gardening and visiting new places. He wants to assure his clients who have faith in him that he will be there with them in their time of real estate need. He wants his customers to enjoy their real estate experience, and offers his services to make their dreams come true.

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